Goody Water

All of us working here at Goody Water have one heartfelt, core belief; healthy,safe drinking water should be available to everyone. Our goal is to help create a solution to the widespread problem of contaminated water with our line of filtered water bottles. Our bottles enable the user to gather water from whatever source they have available (clean or not) and filter it. With patented filtration system, the user can easily, quickly, and conveniently remove contaminants. The filter we use removes more pollutants and is more effective than any other filter currently on the market.
Our products are the first step in our mission to provide Goody quality water for every human being all across the globe. We understand the problem of polluted water is complex and varied from place to place, and that this is only one small step toward a solution. However, we want to help humanity in the right direction, towards a world where we look out for one another’s best interests and create a brighter future and a cleaner planet for the generations to come.